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John Bright Golder

Game Developer, Programmer;

+880 1747250432

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2D | Shooting | Android 





2D | Platformer | Android 

Features & tools

Features & Tools

Dynamic Camera

The game scene appears to be colliding or expanding without any object's transformation. This camera effect achieved by interpolating between a wide-angle and portrait camera lens. This effect can be implemented in both 2D and 3D game world.

Custom Renderer

Custom renderer is very handy to achive specific game looks and vives. This renderer is using camera depth and shader to achive this look. This rendering effect has been used in many AAA shooting and stealth game.

Shader Animation

Texture sheet animation might micro stuttering, on the other hand, shader-based animation looks seamless and also takes minor space.

This grass animation was achieved using gradient noise and vertex displacement. This animation effect can be generated in both 2D and 3D objects.

Custom Shader


About Me

I am John Bright and I am a game developer. Since the beginning of my computer life, I loved video games. To me, a game is not just doing some task or achieve some pre-determined goal(s), its more than that. To me its the experience, small details, the logic that makes it interesting and fun to play.

I have done many small projects just for my mind pleasure. But when it comes to developing a game professionally just passion is not enough, it also needs dedication which I have learned well from my developing and game publishing experience. I am always learning new things, new tools also polishing my skills to provide an unforgettable gameplay experience.

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+880 1747250432

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