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Sky Shooter: Hot Air Balloon

This is a solo project of mine. This game published in both Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore. This is a sky shooting game with interesting game mechanics. The tools and features I used in this game:


  • Unity Physics system

  • Particle system

  • Camera shake to feel the impact of explosion
  • Animation system

  • UI Animation

  • Customizable Sine wave movement for the enemy movement

  • Depth of field achieved through coding

  • Touch control

  • Custom binary database to save player progress
  • Unity Analytics



To make the game more interesting I added some gameplay features and shop to buy or upgrade the vehicle. The features are:


  •  coin collectin (which will help to buy a new plane or upgrade the current plane)

  • Player shield

  • Magnet mechanic

  • Life boost

  • Gun shooting boost for limited time

  • Gun upgrade

  • Dynamic scoring, and many more.

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